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Rent a canoe

With us you are at the right address for a sporting adventure in the Betuwe on and around the river De Linge! Only with your partner or family, but also large (er) groups are welcome to come canoeing on the Linge. We have over 500 seats: single and double kayaks and Canadian canoes for two, three, four people. They are ready for a sporting discovery through the Linge area. For more information about the sailing area, see environment. Each canoe is supplied with life jackets, luggage containers, professional explanations, route map and boarding assistance.

Call us for the latest pricing. You can reach us via + 31 (0)345 651959 or

For opening hours click here. In bad weather we advise you to call first because we are closed earlier. Groups from 25 people 10% discount on the day rent.

Book your combi ride, back by canoe by bike!

Each canoe or kayak is supplied with luggage containers (splash water-tight), professional explanation, route map, boarding and, if desired, life jackets.

Order a picnic package on the go (click here for info) at € 12.50 per person. Payment in cash, no PIN options, identification required. You sail and cycle entirely at your own risk. You are responsible for the correct use of the rented materials; Damages and theft are recovered from you (see damage list at the reception).