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Come sail on the beautiful Linge, the Netherlands’ longest river. You depart from Leerdam for a cruise through the Betuwe and along the Dutch Waterline.

Call us for the latest pricing. You can reach us via + 31 (0)345 651959 or

A boat license is not required. The maximum sailing speed on the Linge is 7.5 km per hour. Renting a sloop includes: Life jackets, 1 tank of fuel, insurance, luxury pillow set (*), spray hood and roadmap. Up to 6 people.


You can reserve the sloops for a day or a day part. You can reserve a part of the day throughout the year.
* Dogs are allowed on board, if you bring a dog in the boat we will not give the pillows.

Minimum age is 21 years. The deposit is € 100, –

For more information or to rent a sloop call: 0345-651269.

Transport service on location possible if trailer slope present (price on request depending on location).