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Kano.nl, Canoe and Bicycle Rental on the Linge

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Canoe and bicycle rental company Kano.nl (De Betuwse Stromen) is located in the Betuwe aan de Linge, one of the most idyllic rivers in the Netherlands. Over the Linge you sail past picturesque villages, fruit orchards, beautiful nature reserves and forts of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, such as Fort Asperen and the Fort at the Nieuwe Steeg (Geofort). The GeoFort is also fun to visit with children. You depart from Enspijk, Leerdam or Buurmalsen (*) in a boat of your choice. You can choose from: 1 or 2 pers kayak or a Canadian canoe for 2, 3 or 4 people. Before the start of your cruise you will receive a sailing ticket, instruction and personal entry assistance. Our offices are centrally located between Utrecht, Den Bosch, Gorinchem and Tiel.

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Canoe and bike rental:
With us you can rent canoes and bicycles at one of our 3 branches in the middle of the country. If you rent a canoe from one of these locations, then you should also return it to that location. If you do not want to sail back with the canoe, you can opt for the combination trip (with the canoe and back by bike).

Canoe hire for a day or a day part
We have a large number of kayaks and Canadian canoes in various models and versions. You can choose whether you want to sail alone or with several people in the canoe (Kayak max. 2 persons, Canadian canoe max. 4 persons). You rent a canoe for a day or a part of the day (morning until 12.30 or afternoon from 13.00).

Is canoeing difficult?
After a short instruction and a little help with boarding you can make a fantastic canoe trip through the Betuwe, without supervision. Because there is virtually no current on the river Linge you can sail both upstream and downstream. Canoeing on the river Linge is ideal for the whole family, there are no dangerous obstacles, rapids and there is virtually no motorized shipping.

Combination tour canoeing and cycling
If you opt for the “Combitocht package” you can sail with a canoe of your choice from one of the starting locations to the switch point, when you arrive there by canoe we will make sure that you have a (children’s) bike ready for you, nice route over the dikes can cycle back to the starting location.

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