* The owner shall ensure that the rented equipment is complete on delivery and in good condition * The renter shall ensure that the leased equipment will be used and treated properly. * The renter bears the full liability for damage caused to third parties. * The use of canoes / bikes is at your own risk; the owner is in no way responsible for damage or losses. * The renter of canoes bears the full responsible for the fact that the participant (s) are able to swim, or are equipped with life jackets and notified the owner. * Renter must abide by the instructions of the owner before departure. * The renter is obliged to follow the applicable laws and regulations in the broadest sense of the word. When conflicts arise the owner passes personal details on to the authorities. * The renter is required, unless otherwise agreed, to return rented materials before 17:00. By exceeding the rental period, the renter will be charged additional costs incurred by the owner. * The renter is responsible for returning the boat / bike on the prearranged location. Charges at € 30.00 per hour (min. 1 hour) will be charged extra to pick up boats at other than agreed places. * The renter is liable for damage or loss of the rented property. Repair costs or replacement are the responsibility of the renter. (See price list for bicycle repair / replacement at reception, regarding canoes, prices according the invoice or list at reception) * 100% of the due amount must be paid at least 1 week before the departure date to the owner, unless otherwise agreed. * The lease must be signed and returned within 10 days. When received by the owner ,the signed lease is in accordance with the booking conditions a binding contract. * The rent of the number of reserved canoes / bikes is fully charged; even if not all canoes / bikes actually used on the day itself. * If one or more parts of day packages do not take place, the owner will provide an equivalent alternative, or refund a partof the paid price. * If canceled up to 1 week, 75% of the rental fee will be refunded for the booking. If you cancel less than one week before the booked date, the amount is forfeited to De Betuwse Stromen, unless otherwise agreed. * If the specified number of participants differs from the final number of participants than the renter must notify the owner in writing. This is once possible without financial consequences up to 5 working days before the departure date. * Adjustments or changes after signing and returning the rental agreement are accepted only in writing. Each additional change will bring forth a € 10.00 administration fee. * In situations which are not covered by these terms and conditions, the owner makes the decision.. * In case ofbad weather you can, if you have chosen for it, receive a refund of the rent based on the conditions of the rain insurance (see below for details). The due amount or part thereof already paid will be returned minus a € 15.00 handling fee. If you have not chosen a rain insurance, then the amount is fully due despite cancellation at your own risk. Renting a canoe is similar to a bike ride. Clouds, rain and / or wind is usually not a problem. * Apart from the cancellation insurance is also possible to close a rain / event insurance. OVERVIEW OF RAIN/ EVENT INSURANCE ONLY applies to rented materials, other parts of programs such as meals are hereby not insured for cancellation due to weather conditions. Insurance fee € 2.00 per person. Does not apply in case of: * The cancellation of the trip by causes beyond the control of the organization and the client. Examples are national mourning, inaccessibility of the departure area, or the unavailability of canoes / bikes caused by severe damage and / or loss. * Cancellation caused by bad weather; in case of hurricane force 7 or more, or prolonged heavy rain (6 consecutive hours with at least 0.5 mm per hour) on day of departure. * Cancellation due to an accident or death of one of the participants on the day of departure.

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