09.30h A welcome with coffee and Betuwe apple pie. After a brief explanation about the details you leave by bike to the farmer’s field located in the polder. (6 km).
10.30h After a brief explanation you can ‘hit it off’ with the farmers golf clubs among the cows. Halfway through the golfcourse there is a short stop for a glass of fresh milk or soda.
12.00h Return to Enspijk by bike for lunch.
12.30h You’ll have lunch in the cozy converted barn, depending on the weather you can pick a cozy spot in the sun on our terrace or in the meadow.
13.30h After a short walk you get personal instructions and assistance. You start a canoe trip of 7 km in a wide range of canoes paddling downriver to Gellicum.
16.00h Arrival in Gellicum, here the canoes are exchanged for bikes and you’ follow a part of the Linge back to Enspijk.
17.00h Return to Enspijk where there is an opportunity to shower and change clothes.

Price per person €45,00 > 25 persons


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