Is there a lot of current on the Linge No, you can paddle both upstream and downstream on the river.
Can you stand anywhere in the Linge No, it is possible to stand on the sides of the Linge, but not in the
middle of the river.
Can you capsize in a canoe Yes you can. But when you listen to the instructions and do not make
any sudden movements, the risk of capsizing is very small.
Can you take a dog along in the canoe In a Canadian canoe that is not a problem, but keep in mind that
if you choose a combination tour the dog must walk back.
How fast is a canoe You can compare canoeing to the speed of walking. The energy it
takes to cover the distance is similar to a walk in the woods.
Are there a lot of ships and boats on the river Linge No, the Linge is not a main route. The sailable part of the river
ends in Geldermalsen. It consists mostly of local traffic. Commercial
traffic is almost impossible. There is a speed limit for motor boats
Can I take luggage in the canoe Yes you can. You must realize that in a Kayak the space is very limited.
In a Canadian canoe there is a lot more space, but for both types of boats
you can make free use of our splash proof luggage containers for your most
valuable possessions such as: – Cell Phones – Car keys with remote controls
– Cameras However, we advise you not to take these things in the canoe
because the risk of a capsize is always present
What is a kayak A kayak is closed, you sit on a chair in the floor. A kayak is for 1 or 2 people.
In a kayak you paddle with a long paddle on either side of the kayak.
The stability of a kayak and a Canadian canoe is similar.
What is a Canadian Canoe A Canadian Canoe is open and you sit on a bench. In a Canadian canoe you
can carry more luggage then in a kayak. A Canadian canoe consists of
more people (we rent 2,3 and 4 seater versions). In a Canadian canoe
you paddle with a so-called blade paddle (it looks like a shovel) one paddle
on the left and the other paddle right.
The stability of a kayak and a Canadian canoe is similar.


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